Getting Started with Booking Kare

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Overview BookingKare | Event and Appointment Booking/Scheduling App on BookingKare helps businesses stay ahead of their competition by making event management booking and scheduling as easy as possible. The app enables the scheduling and booking of seminars, conferences and launch events, specialist appointments, and expert appointment registration sites. BookingKare is built completely on app includes features such as
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Roll out Steps: Preparation Preparation involves all of the planning you need to do before you can begin using Booking Kare. Identify key users of the system Add licenses Identify all of the users who will be using the BookingKare System and make sure you have the appropriate number of licenses. Review all the technical requirements Requirements to use Aqxolt BookingKare in a  system Operating System All you need is a computer that can run a web browser. It
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 Follow the steps if you are a new user. The quickest way to assess if BookingKare is the right fit for your organisation is by creating a free trial. You'll immediately be taken to a salesforce registration page, where you need to fill the form and start a free trial. On the app exchange BookingKare listing click the “Get It Now” button and login to the salesforce free trial instance and from here you can start to evaluate BookingKare in depth. Installing BookingKare in your Salesforce
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Communities Overview Communities are a great way to share information and collaborate with people who are key to your business processes, such as customers, partners, or employees. Whether you call it a portal, a help forum, a support site, HR central, or something else, an online community is a great place to connect with the important folks in your life in a new and different way. Use easy point-and-click branding tools with ever-evolving Lightning templates or go with Visualforce to