Event Scheduling & Booking

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Booking Kare - Check-In/Check-out Booking Kare is an application to process Check-In/Checkout flow i.e., checking in the clients into an event/appointment and checking them out from an event/appointment. This app also provides an easier way for the users to check In and Check out using QR-Scanner /Barcode scanner for the members registered to any events or appointments. How to install Booking Kare Application. The Booking Kare application can be installed from the App Store or Play
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CheckIn/CheckOut is a flow for checking the clients into an event and checking them out from an event. This flow provides an easier way for the users to check in and check out the members registered to a particular event. CheckIn/CheckOut  The users can be checked in or checked out from an event either Using the CheckIn/CheckOut button from the Event Record page. Using the CheckIn/CheckOut tab. Using the CheckIn/CheckOut button from the Event Record page: Navigate to the
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Event Module setup Start planning and organising a single day or a multi-day event easily, make common customizations like adding zones, tickets, venues and more. Configure registrations to be free or paid with complex pricing rules. Configure discounts and taxes easily with various rules. Configure sponsors, speakers, and agendas and give more insight into the event to manage time with BookingKare’s Event Builder. With the Event Builder, you can reduce administration time and hassles
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After you have planned and set up for an event, now the organizers can send email invitations to their Accounts, Contacts, Users and guests Users. Send invites to Account, Contact and users From Event, builder Select an Existing event And all event details will get auto-populated on the right-hand side click on invite button And you navigate to the screen below Select the source to send invitations to Accounts, Contacts, Users, and Resource individually or invite external guests in
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After the registration of an event, the attendee can check in as they arrive at the event. Bookingkare allows Four check-in options. Manual check-in through Check In page Self-check-in through Kiosk Scan barcode check-in Manually check-in Click on event builder in the search bar enter the event name the event gets auto-populated On the right hand, side corner click on the check-in button It will navigate to the check-in page follow the screen below All the
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The event booking application is designed for event management companies which require streamlined operations and overall efficiency, which gives your customers a seamless scheduling/booking experience. Customer can book the event from anywhere, anytime using any device. How to book for an EventJoy would like to attend an event and he tries to book for an event using event booking application. Let’s help john to book for an event. 1. Click on the ‘Event Book’ Tab or Search for
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Event Booking The system admin can configure sites and communities to reach the application offerings to the external audiences. This makes convenient for guests to book for an event. For the Event flow the customer can book for the event by following these steps: Step 1 Logging into the URL provided by the Organiser of the Event https://event-rok-com-developer-edition.ap15.force.com/EventRokAdmin/CommunityLanding Click on URL the page will navigate to the given screen