Appointment Scheduling & Booking

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Consultant booking system lets your client view the expert’s real-time availability for the services in different locations. This mainly focuses on showing the nearest location available for clients to book an appointment. The client can book the appointments from anywhere, anytime using any device. The system is Integrated with Zoom, Microsoft Teams, GoToMeeting and Cisco WebEx virtual meeting platforms so that the users can manage and view meetings within the application. The scheduled
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Planner enables users to Request(plan) or Approve(Post on the live system) their Appointment, by creating the Resource, Resource group, Teams, Product from the App Launcher and Creating Location, Work planner, Resource requirements, Time management, Registration and Scheduler from the Planner tab. Resource Once the resource group is created add the right people to the group as a resource workforce. You can either add workforce or you can enable the efficiency of the activities like
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Shift Planner Shift planner is a tool that helps managing resources efficiently across businesses. It helps in planning the staff shifts and booking appointments for a user or resource according to their availabilities. It is best way for super users and supervisor users to manage and utilize availability of the staff effectively. A Superuser can manage availabilities of all the users under the organization A Supervisor User can manage only your team members availability, time offs and
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With Appointment Booking, you can carry your entire business in your pocket. Manage to schedule, Cancelling, and Rescheduling your appointments, etc. via this New Appointment Booking flow. Add appointments to your calendar even when you’re out for lunch. Receive instant notifications via email when an appointment is booked, rescheduled, or canceled. Customers also receive automated appointment alerts so that they stay on top of their bookings without having to dial in. Appointment
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Appointment Booking The system admin can configure sites and communities to reach the application offerings to the external audiences. This makes convenient for guest Users to book an Appointment. For the Appointment flow the customer can book for the appointment by following these steps: Step 1 Logging into the URL provided by the Organiser of the Appointment.  Click on url the page will