• BookingKare | Event and Appointment Booking/Scheduling App on Salesforce.com
      • BookingKare helps businesses stay ahead of their competition by making event management booking and scheduling as easy as possible. The app enables the scheduling and booking of seminars, conferences and launch events, specialist appointments, and expert appointment registration sites. BookingKare is built completely on Salesforce.com.The app includes features such as
      • Event Builder
      • Event Invitation
      • Kiosk
      • Time Management
      • Resource planner and scheduler
      • Queue management
      • Ticketing
      • Room Reservations
      • Payments
      • Sponsorship
      • Calendar
      • Dashboards
      • Chatter Reports and much more.

BookingKare comprises two major modules

1. Event Module

Event Module comes with features that help Event Planners, Organiser’s to organise events efficiently on a large scale with online payment options. Event planners may easily email personalized invitations to hosted events to any and all contact list members in case of the event being cancelled or postponed.

Event Booking Module Includes Features Such As:

      1. Event Builder
      2. Create an event
      3. Event zone
      4. Venues
      5. Create Product Service Details
      6. Tickets
      7. Membership
      8. Speaker
      9. Agenda
      10. Logistics
      11. Sponsorship
      12. Adding and Inviting Guests
      13. Send invites to Account, Contact and users
      14. Check-in and Walk-in registrations
      15. Manually check-in
      16. Kiosk Check-in
      17. Scan Bar code Check-in
      18. Event Booking
      19. Calendar

2. Appointment  Module

Appointment Module comes with a user-friendly appointment booking system that lets your client view the expert’s real-time availability and quickly book an appointment with the expert. Client can book appointments from anywhere, anytime using any device. Upon appointment booking, BookingKare lets you maintain customer information and appointment history for easy reference.
Appointment Booking Module Includes Features Such As:

    1. Appointment Booking
    2. Planner
    3. Teams
    4. Team members
    5. Location
    6. Membership Program
    7. Product/Service
    8. Price book
    9. Work Planner
    10. Resource group
    11. Resource
    12. Resource Requirement
    13. Shift Planner
    14. Time management
    15. Calendar
    16. Queue management
    17. Workbench
    18. Room Reservation
    19. Logistics
    20. Payments  (Authorize.net,Paypal,Chase payment)

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